Just about any way you look at it, when it comes to men, a hair salon franchise is one of the best franchise business opportunities available today.


Nearly all haircut franchises focus on women. That’s why concentrating on men and boys made Just4Him Men’s Haircut Lounge a top franchise opportunity.

  • Recession Immuned
  • No salon or haircutting experience needed – we trainĀ  you how to own and run your business
  • Also great for existing stylists, barbers, and cosmetologists to go out on their own
  • Very little competition in “male-only” hair salon franchises
  • No receivables, all cash or credit cards
  • No perishables
  • Over $50 Billion in annual sales for hair salon franchise category
  • Typical males get haircuts every 2-4 weeks building repeat business
  • Not subject to new equipment or technical advance costs
  • Haircuts are a NECESSITY
  • Low startup
  • Very low overhead
  • Consistently a top 100 franchise category

Our business will continue to grow as long as men still grow hair. Our concept differs from other “male themed” haircut franchises in that we offer a truly relaxing atmosphere geared to the ‘working, adult male client.’ There are so few hair salon franchises for men, especially with our unique concept. If you’re looking for a way to keep your job while also building a business toward financial independence or if you are looking for an investment to build wealth, look no further than Just 4 Him’s Haircut Lounge.


There are approximately a quarter of a million hair cutting shops and salons in the United States. Less than 4% are small business franchises. That’s less than 10,000 small business franchises! If you look at the trend which restaurants, video stores, and coffee shops have followed in the last several years, you can easily see where things are headed. We have hired one of the best Franchise Consulting Firms in the country and they have said that the Just4Him Men’s Haircut Lounge is on a VERY aggressive growth pattern, way ahead of expectations. This makes us the fastest growing NEW men’s haircut franchises in the US. The only question you need to ask yourself is, how long do you want to wait before becoming a part of this successful franchise opportunity? Territories are going fast. Hair salon franchises are consistently ranked among the best franchise business opportunities and we believe our ‘working adult male’ theme has been the driving factor behind our success.

Barbershops are a dying breed. We are bringing a renewal to the barbershop, with a refreshing twist. You can still get the pulse of the local community, but in a relaxing atmosphere with plasma TV’s all around, male themed magazines such as GQ and Maxim. Not to mention the specially trained services by our beautiful, professional stylists, most of them cosmetologist AND barber licensed. They will take care of you with a great haircut, scalp massage, hot towel facial and a complimentary drink.

Here are a few of the reasons why the guys are raving about us!

  • No appointments – guys don’t like to make them and rarely can keep them.
  • An inviting atmosphere reminiscent of a Sport Bar atmosphere where everyone knows your name
  • A spacious waiting area complete with TVs, magazines, and a drink to relax while you wait
  • No screaming kids
  • No waiting for ladies’ colors, perms, or styling
  • TVs playing sports or news at every haircut station – guys, you have the remote
  • Refreshing, reviving Tea Tree scalp massage
  • Hot towel Tea Tree facial – just like the old barbershop days
  • Head shaves and 7 step face shaves – just like the old barbershop days
  • Eyebrow waxing
  • Gray coverup coloring and highlites
  • Guys’ private sport manicures and sport pedicures (not available at all salons)
  • The BEST stylists in the industry making sure that every client leaves feeling special